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Dear HR Professional,

We are fortunate indeed to have found a career as interesting and as dynamic as Human Resources Management. Every day brings us new and varied workplace challenges. They include many concrete questions such as “What are the regulations that govern FMLA?” or “Which questions are not appropriate to ask in a job interview?” Others are clearly more conceptual. “How do I best approach a manager in need of HR training?” or “At what point do I recommend an intervention for  a seemingly troubled employee?”

These are all situations where we can turn to the best resources available to any professional: SHRM and NOLA SHRM.

Membership on the national and local levels gives access to an incredible array of tools and information to advance your performance. Here at NOLA SHRM, your participation has so many benefits including a regular slate of informative presentations updating you on topics like new legal developments and best industry practices.

Perhaps most importantly, your involvement will plug you directly into the local network of your professional peers. What we learn from our colleagues is priceless, and where else will you have instant access to so many locals with common business interests, challenges and concerns? If you want to know us even better, volunteer for an NOLA SHRM project offering you new skills and support from your most interested and energetic peers. We are all seeking ways to help our city rebuild, and active membership with the chapter gives you a powerful way to reach out to businesses that need you.

And finally, don’t forget the local HR job board where hiring managers can post HR position openings. Whether you are a student or a seasoned professional looking for a new opportunity in the HR job market, you can search for HR opportunities in the New Orleans area.


Membership to NOLA SHRM is on a 12 month rolling basis.

Thank you, and welcome to NOLA SHRM!

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