Bombshell Business Woman

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Amber Hurdle will be speaking at Annual Conference - "Demystifying Talent Optimization" session on September 18th from 12:00 p.m. -1:15 p.m. Take the PI Assessment and join her break out session. Author Amber Hurdle is a teen mom turned powerhouse business woman — and she is not shy about sharing the bumpy journey that led her to becoming an award-winning business woman and mentor. The Bombshell Business Woman offers out-of-the-box business strategies for both big brand and small businesses. With her open, honest and direct approach, Amber also offers relatable anecdotes that make readers feel as if she is speaking directly to them. Learn practical strategies and discover tools to take action with confidence, like how to hire and inspire a team, how to craft a personal brand, how to create a business plan, how to captivate customers, how to market with ease and so much more. With a bold, no-excuses approach, Amber ultimately instills in readers that there is always a path to an abundant career and personal life for those willing to roll up their sleeves to pursue it.


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